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Our project “How to Cope with Stress Related to Migration” was designed to address the pressing challenges faced by youth undergoing migration, including refugees from Ukraine. The initiative aims were to provide these individuals with essential stress management tools and foster a sense of inclusion and support within the community, as well as to familiarize other participants with these issues. During the project we created an E-book, compiling practical information, and stress management tools for migration.

The project was aimed at groups of young people from Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovenia interested in the migration, integration and stress topics, with a focus on marginalized youth, particularly Ukrainian refugees.


23.10.2023 - 31.11.2023

Number of recipients



The implementation of the project included the creation of an educational E – book “How to cope with stress related to migration”.  Activities during the project  included Integration and stress management workshops, a trip to Żywiec city to enhance physical well-being, and Cultural evenings for exploring and celebrating diverse cultures. Competence-enhancing workshops on civil and social rights and the Charter of Human Rights were conducted, improving participants’ understanding of their rights and responsibilities. Participants developed essential soft skills, such as interpersonal, communication, language, and digital skills, vital for thriving in a multicultural and diverse world.

What we succeeded

In our project “How to Cope with Stress Related to Migration,” we successfully integrated participants and deepened their understanding of stress—identifying its causes, symptoms, and coping strategies. Through practical workshops, we provided hands-on experience in managing stress, significantly contributing to the mental well-being of our participants.

Building on this foundation, we created the e-book “How to Cope with Stress Related to Migration.” This guide compiles essential information and strategies from the project, offering a valuable resource for anyone facing the challenges of migration. It aims to equip readers with the knowledge and tools necessary for managing stress effectively, supporting their journey towards resilience and well-being.

Project implemented under Erasmus+ Accreditation.

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