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CarbonCrunch: Youth Rising for Eco-friendly DietsMiędzynarodowe

The “CarbonCrunch” project  aimed at confronting the environmental impact of overproduction and unsustainable food management, focusing on their contribution to the global carbon footprint. Our objectives were to enhance awareness about these pressing environmental issues among youth, to advocate for and implement sustainable practices in food production and consumption, to foster a global network of young individuals passionate about ecological sustainability, and to improve digital and communication skills through various workshops.

Our audience included 16 young individuals from Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, and Poland, reflecting a diverse group with shared interests in ecological sustainability and responsible food consumption. 


06.11.2023 - 15.11.2023

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The CarbonCrunch Youth Exchange  achieved notable results, including the creation of four innovative environmental projects by participants, playing an important role in equipping young individuals with the necessary tools and knowledge for sustainability initiatives. The exchange also enhanced ecological awareness through a thematic excursion and established a supportive youth network for sustainable practices. Participants gained important soft skills like leadership, communication, collaboration abilities. Furthermore, they learned how to assess and reduce carbon footprints through diet choices, explored zero waste lifestyles, and became proficient in digital advocacy, particularly in using social media platforms like TikTok for environmental campaigning. Currently, we are actively promoting sustainable food practices through a targeted social media campaign, aiming to further the conversation on sustainable food management.

What we succeeded

Throughout the “CarbonCrunch” Youth Exchange, we achieved notable successes in engaging and educating our participants. We provided  training sessions and workshops on climate shock, veganism and vegetarianism, the carbon footprint and diet calculator, and zero-waste philosophy, adapting our approach to meet the educational needs of the participants. Taking into account the advanced level of knowledge of our participants and recognizing the importance of empowering our participants to lead change, we introduced a workshop focused on writing Erasmus projects. This session was aimed at teaching them how to conceptualize and propose their own projects, emphasizing the role of youth in driving sustainable development initiatives. A significant highlight was the workshop on climate shock, which we approached with a mix of theoretical learning and practical exercises. This comprehensive approach provided participants with a robust understanding of climate change’s immediate and long-term effects, alongside strategies for mitigation and adaptation.To leverage the power of social media in spreading environmental awareness, we hosted a TikTok workshop. This session was specifically designed to teach participants how to effectively use the platform to reach a wider audience, sharing compelling messages about environmental issues and sustainable practices.

Project implemented under Erasmus+ Accreditation.

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