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Helping hands for ukraine

Our project aims to provide humanitarian assistance to the civilian population affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. We focus on delivering essential survival supplies, such as food, hygiene items, shelter provisions, water, medicines, and heating.

Products are being purchased in Poland and then packaged into parcels, which are transported to the Cherson and Donetsk regions. As part of the project, we offer material aid, concentrating on delivering basic necessities necessary for survival and maintaining human dignity. Humanitarian aid for Ukraine includes food, personal hygiene items, medicines and medical products, equipment and shelter, as well as winter preparation articles.

The assistance is being implemented in regions that are still under fire from Russian forces – the Cherson and Donetsk regions. The aid is provided to both the residents of these regions and internally displaced individuals.



Number of recipients:


Project funding:

412 000,00 zł

What we succeeded:

Our initiative focuses on delivering humanitarian aid to the civilian population in Ukraine affected by the conflict. Among them are internally displaced persons who, for various reasons, remain within the country. The aid is directed at children, youth, adults, seniors, and persons with disabilities.

Intervention Area:

  1. Distribution of 1000 food packages to those affected by the war.
  2. Distribution of 650 sets of hygiene items, including packages for women, young children, and elderly individuals affected by the war.
  3. Distribution of 200 first-aid kits for those affected by the war.
  4. Distribution of 150 basic medicine packages for those affected by the war.
  5. Distribution of 60 tents to those affected by the war.
  6. Distribution of 60 heating devices, including electric heaters and stoves, to those affected by the war.
  7. Distribution of 100 sleeping bags to those affected by the war.
  8. Publication of 2 articles about the humanitarian aid project in Ukraine.

„Projekt współfinansowany z budżetu państwa w ramach polskiej współpracy rozwojowej Ministerstwa Spraw Zagranicznych Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej”

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