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Zero time to waste

The project was funded under the Erasmus+ project. The total amount of co-financing of the project is 36 055,00 EUR.

The project will aim to promote behaviours concerning not wasting food and reducing the formation of leftovers among young people. We will create a book that will be understandable for a young group and will describe how to easily prepare a tasty and healthy meal without wasting food. In addition, thanks to international meetings, young people will be able to develop their culinary skills and learn about the cuisines of the world at culinary workshops.

The project is aimed at groups of young people from Poland, Romania, Italy, Portugal and Slovenia under the Erasmus+ project. The young people will not only be able to learn Zero Waste cooking, but also learn about the culture and dishes from other countries. The integrative value in this project will be as important as the educational one.

The implementation of the project will include the creation of an educational handbook for young people, which will contain pro-ecological advice and will define the ideas of Zero Waste. In addition, culinary workshops, a visit to PSZOK (ang. Selective Municipal Waste Collection Point in Wisła), familiarization evenings with integration games, a visit to the agritourism farm “U źródła” (ang. at the Sources) etc. will be organized.


01.01.2023 - 31.12.2023

Number of recipients:


What we succeeded:

As part of the project, we will manage to create a culinary manual for young people, thanks to which you will be able to cook without wasting food. We will organize a series of meetings for participants from the Erasmus + project, including culinary workshops, integration meetings, and away events. Participants will be able to understand the essence of the problem of food waste and learn about the local culture; additional advantages will be the acquisition of soft skills and polishing the English language.

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