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Artificial intelligence in the service of cyber security.

Discover the world of artificial intelligence and cyber security with the “Artificial Intelligence in the Service of Cyber Security Project”! This innovative youth exchange is your chance to learn practical skills, experience new cultures and co-create a secure digital space. Through workshops, debates and sessions with experts, you will learn to create effective educational campaigns and promote healthy online habits. Join us and become part of the international community of digital leaders of tomorrow!

The exchange is implemented under the Erasmus+ Accreditation of the European Union.

When: 18-27.03.2024
Where: Poland, Międzybrodzie Bialskie
Who: Participants age 18-30 from Lithuania, Portugal, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Poland
What: During our exchange we will:

  • learn the basics of cyber security and artificial intelligence.
  • learn how to recognize cybercrime threats and how to avoid them.
  • acquire the ability to apply practical tips to protect personal information online.
  • learn the virtues of effective social media education and prevention campaigns.
  • learn a specially developed application for online security education.
  • develop skills of cross-cultural cooperation and teamwork.
  • learn how to use artificial intelligence tools in the creation of online content and video.
  • have the opportunity to participate in debates, panel discussions and training sessions with experts.
  • learn a lot about applying healthy Internet habits and building a safe online environment.
  • go trekking together in the mountains,
  • organize cultural evenings where we will taste traditional delicacies, dance typical dances and learn something about the culture of each of the countries

You will gain practical skills in cyber security and artificial intelligence, learn to protect online data and create educational social media campaigns. You will also develop communication and leadership skills through cross-cultural collaboration. As a result, you will be better prepared to navigate the digital world safely.

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Registration form for the Cyber Skillz project

The “Cyber Skillz” project is an exchange program under the European Union Erasmus+ program, which will take place on March 18.03-27.03 2024 in Międzybrodzie Bialskie. This program is aimed at participants aged 18 to 29 from Lithuania, Portugal, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Poland.

Immerse yourself in Cyber security, AI technology, and international friendship—all in the breathtaking setting of the Polish mountains! 

Check our infopack and register using the application form below:

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