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How to train for green jobs –  training course for youth educators

Join to innovative training course in Polan – How to train for green jobsdesigned for educators and stakeholders passionate about integrating green transformation into the field of education. This unique training opportunity will empower you with the knowledge and tools to effectively implement sustainable practices and fight misinformation in environmental education.

Discover innovative strategies and gain a deeper understanding of sustainability through engaging workshops and insightful discussions, you will learn how to navigate the challenges and opportunities of green transformation in educational settings. Equip yourself with the critical skills needed to discern and tackle eco-related fake news, enhancing your ability to foster a more informed and proactive community.

The training is implemented under the Erasmus+ Accreditation of the European Union.

When: 22.07 – 02.08.2024

Where: Poland, Międzybrodzie Bialskie

Who: The program is aimed at people who are interested in ecology, green transformation and fake news about it and want to meet new friends from around the world.  We invite participants age 18+ from Poland, Northern Macedonia, Romania, Portugal and Hungary.

During our exchange we will:

  • Learn about core concepts of green transformation within the field of education, focusing on the adoption of sustainable practices in school curricula and educational policies,
  • Learn to critically assess and respond to misinformation surrounding environmental issues. This includes developing skills to evaluate the credibility of sources and the accuracy of content related to green practices.
  • Participate in hands-on workshops that demonstrate practical ways to implement sustainable practices in educational environments.
  • Engage in discussions that foster a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in promoting sustainability within educational systems.
  • Work collaboratively on projects that allow for the practical application of learned concepts.
  • meet new people and exchange experiences.

Why you should participate:

Participation in exchange brings a number of benefits, including: gaining hands-on experience by observing work, developing environmental competence, network and collaborate, gain more knowledge on the  environmental and  social impacts of green transformation.

Check our infopack and register using the application form below:

Don’t miss the opportunity, join us!

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