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ZERO TIME TO WASTE – Mini cookbook

If you believe that today’s youth are indifferent to their ecological footprints, our project “Zero Time to Waste” is here to challenge that notion! Our mission transcends simply raising awareness about food waste; we aim to inspire a more fulfilling and conscious way of life.

Within the framework of the project, Międzybrodzie Bialskie transformed into a dynamic arena teeming with discussions and activities. We assembled a group of young, motivated individuals aged between 18 and 27 from Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Italy and Poland, each representing various regional practices and habits.

Throughout our meetings, we combined learning with hands-on experience. Zero Waste workshops showcased the significant impact of small changes on our planet. Our multicultural evenings offered a delightful exploration of diverse cuisines and traditions.

As the culmination of our efforts, we created an inspiring MINI-COOKBOOK through an international youth exchange, that’s:

  • promoting responsibility and sustainable food practices across cultures,
  • packed with delicious recipes that minimize food waste by using leftovers and often-discarded parts of fruits and vegetables,
  • available in multiple languages and actively promoted within diverse communities, inspiring a more sustainable lifestyle.

Our initiative not only fosters ecological awareness but also equips youth with the skills to be community change agents. ‘Zero Time to Waste’ aims to ignite both personal and collective sustainable action.

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