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Join the Cluster of Social Innovations’ Volunteer Corps!  

Are you a young and ambitious person? Do you want to develop yourself and at the same time gain valuable experience? Do you want to make a positive change in the fields of education, ecology and digitalisation? Are you fluent in English? We invite you to join the Volunteer Corps of the Cluster for Social Innovations. We are recruiting volunteers on a continuous basis.

Why join us?

We are a young team full of passion, ready to change the world together. Our work focuses on areas such as education, ecology and digitalisation. Become a part of our team and get the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, grow personally and professionally, and contribute to important projects that make a real change in Poland and the European Union!

In addition, we offer:

Certificates and training system: We have prepared a training system to develop the skills of our volunteers. These include trainings on communication, time management, how to build self-discipline, mobile photography and many others. Also, we offer certificates to confirm your involvement in volunteering. 

Team-building meetings: Every week we organise team-building meetings to foster bonds and relationships within the team.

Participation in international projects: Our organisation is involved in international projects, which gives you the opportunity to work in an international environment, develop your skills of work in intercultural teams and meet people from all over the world.

Participation in projects abroad: For committed volunteers, there is an opportunity to participate in projects abroad carried out by our partners in the Czech Republic, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, and other countries. 

Employment opportunities: For engaged and skilled volunteers, we offer employment opportunities within our organisation.


Volunteers of Cluster for Social Innovation will have opportunities to support the initiatives of our organisation and gain valuable experience in the following areas:

Tasks from this area are carried out within the Foreigners Support Centre.
Examples of tasks:
Conducting Polish language courses for foreigners
Conducting English language courses for foreigners
Helping children with their homework
Organising events for children and young people

Tasks in this area are carried out as part of senior projects, including the Senior Support Corps, Google for Seniors, E-Public Services Available to Seniors and others.

Examples of tasks:

Assistance during training workshops on digitalisation for older people 

Assistance during soft skills training workshops for older people

Helping older people with groceries.

Tasks in this area are carried out within the framework of the Foreigners’ Support Centre and the Centre for Assistance to Victims of Crime. 
Examples of tasks:

Legal assistance – consultations once a week for those who want to help
Psychological assistance – consultations once a week for those who want to help
Information support
Translation into Polish
Translation from Polish 

Tasks in this area are carried out within all projects, including Erasmus+ Accreditation and Volunteers in Action – Superheroes of NGO .

Examples of tasks:
Creating content for posts 

Creating scripts for videos 

Articles writing

Creating information databases

Tasks in this area are performed when writing applications for national and international projects in such areas as education, digitalisation, environment, culture, etc. 

Examples of tasks:
Conducting surveys to identify local needs
Analysing researches
Writing research reports 

Tasks from this area are carried out within the framework of educational, cultural environmental projects, both national and international ones. Among them: Erasmus+ accreditation, the Mazovian Youth Strategy, #InternetSafety and many others.   

Examples of tasks:
Preparation of  materials for workshops/trainings
Conducting of workshops/trainings
Logistical support during events
Assistance in the organising of workshops/trainings

Tasks from the area are carried out within the framework of ecological projects, among them, Ecology Connects People, Zero time to waste and other. 
Examples of tasks:
Environmental education of children and young people 

Preparation of materials for environmental workshops 

Conducting environmental workshops

Support/assistance during environmental projects

Promotion of sustainable practices

Preparation of materials and conducting social campaigns

Tasks from the area are carried out in support of the office staff.
Examples of tasks:
Telephone support 

Mail handling

Technical support

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